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Anumol is known for her bold role in Malayalam movies. #Actress #SareePhotos #Malayalam.
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Her Birth Date is 12th November, 1987. she is 27 years old. Born in Pattambi, Palakkad, District, Malabar region, Kerala, India. Her Upcoming movie is "Night Show". (Initial release : November 2015, Director : Anthony, Cinematography: M. S. Prabhu, Genres: Thriller, Drama film.) She has not yet another pretty face but an artiste looking for daring and different roles, When Anumol says she is not ready to play the prop. south Indian film actress Anumol most she acts in Malayalam and Tamil movies. She seemed in Malayalam movies such as Chayilyam, Njaan, Ivan Megharoopan, Akam and Vedivazhipadu.


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