Manny Ramirez : Cleveland Indians thru Tampa Bay Rays Retires

Manny Ramirez hangs up the cleats! Hall of Famer?

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Remember When?

Look at all that raw talent! Collecting Manny Ramirez as a Cleveland Indians fan was a top priority hoping that his talent would take him to the Hall of Fame!

In Cleveland he brought many of fans to their feet just watching the him fill up the stat sheet night after night! Legendary bombs that kept the bases empty. Kenny Lofton on and boom he's off!  Manny in an Indians uniform was one of our all time greats!

He may have wore out his welcome in Boston as a Red Sox slugger, but no one can deny his impact in the early years that he was able to get his team to the World Series and earning him the MVP!

The Los Angeles Dodgers paid Manny big bucks for the NL West title, and he showed why he always deserved the monies! Manny Being Manny!

The Chicago White Sox got the ugly head of the decline in Manny with only one home run in 24 games!

If the White Sox got the head of the decline the Tampa Bay Rays booed their way to the butt! Speculation of failed drug test may be the reason for the retirement? Sad day! Manny's last hooray in 2011 netted 5 games 17 at bats with one hit! That is a far cry from my hopes as an Indians fan and admired him with the Wahoo on his head!

 Thanks Manny from us Indians Fans!


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