"Lights Out" Boxing TV Show Premieres Jan. 11th 9pm central

Premiering on FX is a drama depicting a boxer Patrick Leary, actor Holt McCallary plays. The storyline has Patrick an ex heavyweight champion struggling to support his family a wife Theresa Leary, played by Catherine McCormack. The despair comes from bad turns financially as wrong turns and bad investments left him to make tough choices. The biggest choice to return to the ring and fight with his father Robert "Pop" Leary, Stacy Keach starring, helping as trainer or become a menecing debt collector. The jury is out on how this will go?
So which show or movie will it imitate?
Click on links to get full story, clips and trailers!

"Rocky Balboa"

"The Fighter"

"Cinderella Man"

"The Champion"

"Raging Bull"
"Body and Soul"

"The Set-up"

"Gentleman Jim"
"The Champ"

"Somebody Up There Like Me"

"Million Dollar Baby"

"Girl Fight"


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