2011 NFL Playoffs: Seattle Seahawks Defeat New Orleans Saints

Seattle Seahawks Win!!!

Matt Hasselbeck and the Seattle Seahawks pulled the first major upset in the 2011 NFL Playoffs by taking down the reigning champion New Orleans Saints. Matt threw four touchdown passes his career playoff high.
The passes were to three different recievers Brandon Stokley, Mike Williams, and two by John Carlson. The running game is what stole the show by clinching the win by an amazing, stiff arming, missed tackling 67 yard run by Marshawn Lynch and a total of 131 yards rushing! A sweet victory for the trio of Matt Hasselbeck, a man trying keep his career going, Mike Williams, the comeback story of the year in the NFL, and Marshawn Lynch coming over from the Buffalo Bills in a trade made it happen in Seattle.
Another Seahawk that is jumping for joy is first year head coach Pete Carroll trying to get a BCS College National Championship ring and a Super Bowl ring!

Their next team to try and beat will be the offensive juggernaut Atlanta Falcons.

The Saints Drew Brees does what he does and thats throw trying to pull it out. He threw for a playoff record 404 total yards and two touchdowns. What hurt the New Orleans Saints was the running game. Reggie Bush a total of 12 yards rushing and the total for the team was only 77 yards from scrimmage. A tough loss for a team trying to repeat.


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