2010-2011 Divisional NFC Playoffs Green Bay Packers vs Atlanta Falcons

2011 NFC Divisional Playoffs


Saturday January 15 2011, 8:30 PM EST

Offense, offense and offense is all we are going to see in this match up. These two teams love to air it out. The long ball is the best ball should be their mottos! In their only meeting this year Atlanta won the game 20 - 17 on a field goal with 9 seconds left in the game! With that earlier score a shoot out should happen this time around. 

The offense of the 13 - 3 regular season Atlanta Falcons has been a Matt Ryan led team with an offensive game plan to score more points than the opposition! Matt has one of if not the best offensive weapons in Roddy White. The speedy, athlectic, and big target has skills that can make any defensive player seem defenseless! With excellent hands and ability to leave any defender in his wake Matt needs to get the ball in his hands and lets the playmaker do his thing! The passing game is set up by the great running ability of  Michael Turner. Just give him the ball and magic happens. In their last meeting he carried 23 times and had 110 yards rushing giving the balance Atlanta needed to win! So if they have any chance these three players need to be at their best!

Offense and Green Bay Packers are one and the same! Aaron Rodgers has carried this team on his back this year with all the problems they have had with injuries and now they are ready to look toward the next level! Aaron's talents lye in his arms and guts, he is willing to put it all out for the team! In their last meeting Aaron threw for 344 yards and a touchdown. He'll be looking to add to that by capitalizing on the yardage and put more balls in the endzone. Will Greg Jennings be his go to guy? A long standing receiver that has been looked to get that pass to the promiseland! What about the running game? Will James Starks keep the ball out of Ryan's hands and get 25 to 30 carries? Can Starks be a hero in the end. Unknown factor could just prove to be the difference!

The defense of the Atlanta Falcons is where the game could be won or lost. Defense in the 2010 season has not been there best but it has kept them in the game and a 13-3 record dictates. With the 10th ranked rushing defense the team should contain Starks, but will Curtis Lofton and John Abraham have their defense ready for Aaron Rodgers. Shut down corner Dunte Robinson will have his hands full with Jennings flying all over the field!

The very fast defense of the Green Bay Packers usually has the advantage of Aaron Rodgers taking all the possession time up with the offense. But, when called Clay Mathews and Charles Woodson will be looking to lock down from all angles the Ryan led offense! Both defensive players are two of the best at their position in the NFL and will come to disrupt Aaron in many ways! The energy from Mathews always bleeds into the rest of the defense so he better bring it! The rushing game will be assisted by BJ Raji filling the gaps. The pass defense will need Tramon Williams to take advantage of the speedy Roddy White, a tall order!
They hunger of the defense will need to create turnovers and let the offense play their game to win!

The two teams will need great coaching to get the advantage! Packers head coach Mike McCarthy and Falcons head coach  Mike Smith will need to get their staff ready for a shootout! The game should be close as it was in their last meeting unless of of these coaches found a secret in the game film!

Good luck to both teams!


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