2010-2011 Divisional AFC Playoffs New England Patriots vs New York Jets

2010 -2011 Divisional AFC Playoffs


We will start this blog post with the coaches. The head coach of the New England Patriots, Bill Belichick has all the credentials for a Hall of Fame induction. His quiet and calculating coaching style has brought Super Bowls to New England. He goes about his business in a casual way, always in sweatshirts and puts the game plan together with perfection! His nemesis this Sunday will be the opposite of Belichick head coach of the New York Jets, Rex Ryan an extrovert . His trash talking and antics are all the news, but the playing field is where its played. In there last meeting it was not pretty for the Jets, so the need to back it up this time!


The Patriots have the best if not the best all time playoff quarterback in Tom Brady! His accomplishments on the field are legendary. This year they started out of the gates slow then released there #1 deep threat in Randy Moss and went thru injuries especially Wes Welker  ACL and Tom Brady ribs. But as the season progressed Tom found his go to guys in rookie tight ends Aaron Hernandez and  Rob Gronkowski who both flourished as Tom picked apart defenses. Look for the same against the Jets Sunday!

The New York Jets will be starting their franchise quarterback Mark Sanchez. His inconsistency need to be on the upswing today to try and be the better quarterback on the field. Time managemanet of long drives eating the clock will be his best weapon. The running game of Ladanian Tomlinson and Shone Green will be the features on the Jets offense. They both need to get about 4 yards a carry and aleast one breakaway touchdown to help the offense moving. Will Jerricho Cotchery be able to stretch the field is another viable option to be on the watch for against the Patriots secondary!

The Defenses:

New England Patriots love turnovers they rank 2nd in the NFL with 38 takeaways. Turnovers create opportunity for the offense to get back on the field and get that scoring chances. Young rookie Devin McCourty will be watching the throwing lanes eagerly waiting for a mistake. His 7 interceptions and  2 fumble recoveries this season will be needed in this game. Healthy Brandon Merriweather sitting in the free safety spot has some potential to grab a few balls also. Leading tackler Jerod Mayo will try and take care of the versatile running game. All this written it will be a long night for the defense!

The Jets rely on the defense to win ball games. There is talent on the defense that can stop the New England Patriots. Anchoring the defense is shut down corners Darrelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie both will put in a full nights work with Brady behind center.  Both of these players are always up for the big games and there getting bigger! To keep the pressure on the quarterback Calvin Pace and David Harris will have to lock down the line of scrimmage secure the tackles and get Brady back pedaling and some possible sacks!

Good luck to both teams!


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