SI Weekly Expansion College Basketball Preview 11.22.2010 Jacob Pullen

This weeks SI Expansion has the 2010-2011 College Basketball Preview. I will be adding a little flair and some quality research behind the already great magazine put out by Sports Illustrated.

This issue of SI comes with four different regional covers with four different school programs depicted.
  1. Kansas State with Senior Guard - Jacob Pullen
  2. Duke with Senior Guard - Nolan Smith
  3. Washington with Junior Guard - Isaiah Thomas
  4. Michigan State with Senior Guard -  Kalin Lucas
On the Bench:

1. One of the mini articles had the writings of the Manny Pacquiao verses Antonio Margarito. I was at home and had to watch the fight online with the free internet site tv. I should have gotten tickets to the Deathstar and watched it on Jerry Jones' big screen. It was a fight that was clearly a must see by any boxing fan!

2. Mini Article II: This story has Nascar star Jimmie Johnson going into this weekend 15 points behind Denny Hamlin in The Chase.  The race this weekend at Homestead is the finale. Who will win? I'll take Johnson!

3. Putting the Shoulder Pads On: A menacing picture of the New York Jets offensive line is pictured next and what a sight over 1,500 lbs of green and white coming to line could do to intimidate to a defense. The Jets are looking for Super Bowl Rings in Dallas and with Rex Ryan coaching, LaDainian Tomlinson playing better, and NFL's Sophmore Mark Sanchez fulfilling his hype they have a shot at the Lombardi Trophy.

4. Being from the Dallas area, I can't talk about the NFL and not bring up the newest intern head coach of the Dallas Cowboys - Jason Garrett. Good Luck Jason your gonna need it!

In the Game:

My look at The Men's and Women's 2010 -2011 SI College Basketball Basketball Preview.

Good luck to all six men on their quest for the NCAA Champions!
  • The women's sneak preview has the talents of Amber Harris and Ta'Shia Phillips of Xavier wanting to win the title in their hometown Indianapolis after just missing the Final Four last year they are HUNGRY!
Men's Final Four Picks
  1. Duke - Picked to win it all
  2. Michigan State
  3. Kansas State
  4. Villanova
I will be watching for some true talented men to show us what college athletics is about. Hardwork and dedication to their craft and the schools they reprasent make college baskeball what it is today. College basketball has always been about the school and not the player. When I look back I think about the teams, coaches and what the school stands for more than the name on the players jersey, that is for the NBA.



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