SI Weekly Expansion 11.29.2010 Micheal Vick, Jill Costello, Jimmie Johnson, MLS Cup

The Resurgance of Michael Vick

Here is your weekly installment of the SI Expansion. This week is a little late due to the Thanksgiving Holiday. Hope all of you got your favorite dish.

On the Cover:

The 2010 surging MVP canidate Michael Vick with a menacing look.

In the Huddle:

Mini Article: Tony Parker and Eva Longoria file for divorce.
Mini Article II: The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and there young core of Josh Freeman, Mike Williams and LaGarrett Blount as they are putting a name for themselves in the NFC.

Passing Play:

Is Mike Vick earning his forgiveness from the league and it's fans with his on field play and his work with the community? Has he moved on with his life off the field?

Sprinting to the "Left":

Jimmie Johnson winning the chase making it his fifth. So, is number six in his future?


A true scorer,Steven Stamkos has the Tampa Bay Lightning hockey fans watching a red light special show.

To the Hoop:

The New Orleans Hornets kept "The Man," Chris Paul. The unselfish Paul has the Hornets looking to the playoffs. His dedication to getting everyone involved with a high assists total will help excel the team to greater hieghts...hopefully to the hoop!


The MLS Cup Championship winners the Colorado Rapids get their respect by winning the cup!

Enduring Story!

Here is a story that will pull at your heart. It's a story about a young lady, Jill Costello, a coxswain at Cal and her fight with stage three cancer. The sport she loved, school and her team all benefited from the fight and determination of their leader despite gruelly cancer treatments. At 22, Jill lost her life to cancer but the lasting memories that touched the ones close to her are spreading the love she gave them to others.


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