SI Vintage Boston Celtics 8.27.1990 John Havlichek, Arnold Palmer, Secretariat

With the Celtics once again playing like the want it all. I am going vintage to give a look back at the Celtics of old

Boston's Brutal Week: None other than the Hall of Famer, John Havlicek working the boards graces the cover wearing his famous retired number 17 jersey. John was the NBA finals MVP in the 1973-1974 Series.


1. The Sledding Was Tough: Jumping right into it is the Boston Celtics and how well they were positioning themselves for another playoff run. The article has nice photography with a picture of Dave Cowens skyhooking the great Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. The season ended on a high that year with a NBA championship trophy to show for it.

2. Jose Was Attacked By The Zoo:  Boxing was a huge sport in the 1970's and Carlos Monzon middleweight that put it to you like an animal. The ring was to small for him and the challenger Jose Napoles and Carlos ate him up!

3. Along Came The Little People: St. Mortiz and the great skiing of Liechtenstein. The pride of the slope was Hanny Wenzel by winning the World Championships.

4. And They Used to Call Me Sexy: The unsuccessful breeding of the great Secretariat. The great Triple Crown winning horse was back on the farm and retired and was ready to board and make the next great winning offspring but problems abound. Was the stud sterile?

5. Generating Eclectic Powers: Here is the story of Lee Evans one of the world's best at the time in the 440m and how he trained mind and body. From the SI article he tried vegetables, antiques, yoga, versifying, astrology and religion and still not lose the thrill of running for love and money.

6. Down to the Sea Again - By Shiplet  Mainly the story is about a yachtsman and his story while cruising in his yacht.

7. Where it still 1960 and Hope Springs Eternal: The golfing great turns 44. Who is he Arnold Palmer. He is playing in Palm Springs and the world loves him.

As you can already tell the SI of the 1970's were filled with more diverse sporting events unlike the SI of today that really showcase the high profile sports.


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