SI Vintage 4.05.2010 Cover: Roy Halladay Phillies - NCAA Men's final Four

Roy "Doc" Halladay

Yesterday the National League announced it's Cy Young winner Roy Halladay! So, I dug in the collection but not far and found the perfect fit for this occasion, SI's baseball 2010 preview issue. Well let's see how this years baseball season's preview issue from SI fared in picking award winners and the World Series winner.


In his new red and white pinstriped uniform we see Roy "Doc" Halladay with a menacing look of determination that this workhorse used to dominate the National League in 2010. Roy with his work ethic finally got on the Philadelphia Phillies a team that could be a contender for the World Series. The  NL had to be shaking in the cleats. Little did we know that we would see a true gem in a perfect game in the first season in the National League and he would win the coveted Cy Young Award.

The Bench:

1. The 2010 NCAA Men's Basketball Final Four with only four teams:  Who was going to prevail and win their school the big one?
The winner: Duke Blue Devils...Again!

In The Game:

*2010 SI Baseball Preview*

1. The heart of the preview of the season was that of the trade of Roy "Doc" Halladay to Phillies. SI put a great 8 page spread out that wrote about his start in the bigs, the trade and where his future legacy wants to be in and out of baseball.

2. The batter looking at the time to face Roy in the World Series was Ben Zobrist and the Tampa Bay Rays.

3. The business of baseball and the salaries earned by the major league players with a few rolling in dough.
Some of the top money earners for the 2010 season:
4. The hitting patience of Denard Span with the Minnesota Twins and the on base percentage all major leaguer's dream of someday acheiving is captured with great artwork and expert writing by Joe Posnanski. Congrats to Ron Gardenhire for manager of the year.

5. Scouting Reports - let's jump right up to SI's predictions of the playoffs
Well, as we all know now the Texas Rangers made it to their first World Series and San Francisco Giants won it all to make history.

Sliding into Home:

The Vault has a great pic of Ervin "Magic" Johnson at Michigan State and Larry Bird with Indiana State in their  college days in the finals of the NCAA tournament. In my opinion the best EVER!


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