SI Expansion 11.15.2010 Issue Cam Newton, LaMichael James, Andy Dalton

Here is my first installment of the expansion of each weekly issue of  Sports Illustrated. Each week I will be going through my thoughts on the cover, pictures and articles of each magazine, while adding in a link or to of fun and interesting additions found on the net.

The Cover:

 The BCS and the mess it's in with a non playoff format for the national championship highlights the cover. The cover guys are Andy Dalton, (TCU Horn Frogs) LaMichael James, (Oregon Ducks) and the controversial Cam Newton (Auburn). All heisman candidates a must keep for any SI collection.

The Line Up:

1. Leading story is about the TCU Horned Frogs and there quest for a BCS National Championship. Best line of the piece "College Football could have an opera instead, it has a soap opera".

2. Raiders and Chiefs NFL rivalry takes the next spot. Who would have thought the standings would like this mid season? It's Early!

3. Center Stage is the infamous Gilbert Arenas and what is adding to the Washington Wizards backcourt. The Wiz with John Wall being there go to guy and Gilbert playing it cool, maybe?

4. Next? I put a question mark there because I am not a hockey follower. So, Ilya Kovalchuk of the Devils was a good read. Living in the state of Texas hockey is mixed with the NFL and NBA and it's hard to get me to watch it on tv, but I will go to the ice. Hockey is maybe one of the best sporting events to watch live.
So is the $100 million dollar man worth it New Jersey?

5. Going the distance article is the marathon. The Pheidippides marathon and it is raced in Greece from Marathon to Athens. A long way. Some runners even wore costumes to celebrate the occasion. Running in sandels and armour and must have been tough. By the way, Jared Fogle (Subway Jared) he finished the New York City Marathon. Way to go Jared.

There of course were many more great items in the magazine but, you can read it. I will be posting a weekly installment and add even more fun and exciting splashes to each copy of SI. I will also be going retro every once in a while to throw a curveball at you.


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